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We don't see a website as something every business should have because it's important. We view websites as a crucial tool for growing a business.


How It Works

Project Requirements

Before beginning work on your project, you'll provide me with the project requirements. Then, we'll discuss a timeframe for the completion of the project, and I'll give a quote.

Web Design and Developement - Our Process

Project Agreement

After the project requirements and timeframe are laid out, we'll put these things into writing with an agreement that both parties will sign.

Web Design and Developement - Our Process

Project Development

We will develop your website or application for you within the specified time frame. I'll contact you every week with updates, or if I come across something that you should be alerted of. You'll have a fully-functioning application before moving on to the revision stage

Web Design and Developement - Our Process

Project Revisions

If you find something that I may have missed, or have another request, I'll apply the changes to your application or site until we’ve met your requirements.

Web Design and Developement - Our Process

Project Completion

After I've made any final adjustments and payment is collected, I'll send your entire website or application, along with full rights to the code and all the resources used.

Web Design and Developement - Our Process

Portfolio Pieces

Portfolio Work

Lorenze Jay Tech Portfolio

Web Developer Portfolio Site with an elegant design.

Portfolio Work

L'Orient Skin Care

Lorient Skin Care is a licensed Esthetician specializing in keeping skin youthful, glowing, and healthy.

Portfolio Work

Full Layout of L'Orient Skin Care

Design of L'Orient Skin Care

Portfolio Work

Charis Preset Shop

Charis is a Los Angeles Based Editorial Portrait Photographer. She wanted to share her Lightroom Presets. Her website is rocket fast and optimized to display her presets with before and afters.

Portfolio Work

Crystals By Us

Crystals By Us is a San Fernando Based crystal shop. They sell premium hand-picked crystals. Products include bracelets, necklaces, and many others.

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